1balance between平衡;

2 difference between 差异;

3link between 联系;

4ambition for 雄心, 抱负, 野心;

5sympathy for ....的同情;

6confidence in ....有信心;

7belief in 相信;believe in 相信;

8success in 成功 succeed in

9dependence on 依赖于 depend on 动词形式;

10emphasis on 强调;

11impact on ...的影响, ...的冲击;

12influence on 影响;

13pressure on ...有压力;

14stress on强调, 重视;

15advantage over优越于;

16have/gain access to 接近, 使用;

17attention to 注意;

18attitude to 态度, 看法;

19exposure to 动词:expose to 暴露于, 曝光于。

20(in) response to 相应;

21(in) accordance with ....保持一致;

22association with\ associate with ....有关;

23combination with \combine with ....结合

24compromise with 放弃, 妥协;

25contact with ....接触, 联系;

26encounter with....相遇



Break out (战争、打斗等不愉快事件)突然发生,爆发;

Break down 损坏,拆散,失败;

Break in 非法闯入;插话;

Break through 突破,突围;

Break off 中断,中止

bring come的搭配:

bring about 导致,造成,引起,产生;

come about发生;

bring back 带回,还回,使想起;

Bring out 使出版;出现,呈现= arise

Come out 出现,出版,显现;

Bring up 提出、教育,养育;

come up 出现;

come up with 提出...想法;

come up against 遭到....反对;

Bringdown 1、减少、降低,2、打败,击垮;

Bring forward 提出;

Bring off 成功完成….

come across= run into= happen to meet = encounter 偶然相遇;

come to 共计。


1. call on拜访某人,号召

We will call on MrLi tomorrow

We are called on to help those in trouble

2. call at拜访某地

I called at your office yesterday,

3. call for需要;要求;邀约();取()

Success called for hard work

call for a doctor去请医生

4. call in 请来;收回

Mother is badly i11so call in a doctor at once

5. call up打电话;征召;使回想起,使回忆起

I called Tom up and told him the news

In most countries men are called up at the age of 18

6. call out大声叫喊,大声说出;

7. call off 取消、停止

carry 的搭配:


1. carry on进行

He had learned enough English to carry on a conversation

2. carry out执行;进行

They were carrying out an important experiment

3. carry away拿走

Please carry these desks away

4. carry off夺走,抢走

Some unknown man carried off the prize

5. Count 的搭配

count in ...算在内;

count out 不把考虑在内;

count up 加起来,算出总数;

count down 倒数到零或规定的时间;

count on 依赖,依靠 = depend on = rely on

6. Get的搭配

get over 克服,解决。困难, 疾病等;

Get along 进行,进展;

get along with = get on with 与某人和睦相处;

Get through 1、穿过、通过,2、接通电话

7. Give 的搭配

give in 让步,屈服。=Give away to= yield to

give back 归还,恢复 另:bringback 带回,还回;

give off指烟,热,光等散发,释放;

give up 放弃;

give out= hand out 分发,分给

8. Go 的搭配

go off1、离开,2(水电等)被切断、(煤气等)用完;

go after:追求, 追捕;

go (a)round1、四处走走,2、(消息等)传开;

go along with1、陪伴、陪同(简单)=keep sb company2、支持、赞同= agree with

go into1、进入,2= investigate 调查、研究;

go over = review 复习;

go out1、外出,2、熄灭

9hand 的搭配

hand out 分发,分给;

hand down 传承,传递;

hand over 交出,交给;

hand in 上交,递交


Hang up 1、挂断电话,2、把.....挂起来;

Hang about 徘徊,闲荡;

Hang on 1、坚持下去,2、抓紧不放、紧紧握住。

11hold 的搭配

hold up 举起= put up 、阻碍,延误;

hold on 保持通话;坚持;

hold off 推迟。


look around 四处观望;

Look up 1、向上看,2、查找;

Look out 当心;

look down upon/on 看不起,轻视


lay out 陈设,陈列;

lay off 解雇,裁员;

lay aside ....放到一边、储存,注意:任何一个动词+aside意思都是把....放到一边、储存;

lay down 放下,躺下


make out 理解,明白;

Make off 逃跑;

make up 构成;

make up for补偿,弥补


put aside 放到一边,储存;

Put away 1、收起来、放好,2、储蓄、储存;

Put across 1、用欺骗的方法使(某人)接受或相信,2、〈非正〉解释、被理解;

Put down 1、放下,2、记下、写下=write downput downset downtake down

put off 推迟;

put up 建造,建立;举起;提出;

put out 扑灭,熄灭、出版,发布


set aside 1、把存储起来,2、抽出(时间等)

Set up 建立,建造,创立, 竖立 = put up

Set in 开始,到来,流行;

Set down 放下、写下,记下;

Set out 1、动身、出发,2、着、开始

17take 的搭配

take after=resemble (在性格)像;与...相似;

take apart拆卸,拆开;

take back = withdraw拿回、收回;

take down 记下,写下;

take effect 生效;

take ....for granted 认为理所当然, 想当然

take in 1=understand 领会、理解,2= absorb吸收,3= cheat欺骗;

take off 1、脱掉脱去、移去,2、飞机起飞;

take on 1、承担责任,2、雇佣=employ3、呈现;

take up 1、占据时间,2、开始从事....

take part in 参加;

take place 发生、举行;

take turns 轮流、依次。


turn down 1、关小音量,2、拒绝;

turn up 1、开大音量,2、出现;

turn out 结果是,原来是;

turn to ...求助;

turn on 打开;

turn off关掉;

turn in 进入、上缴,上交;

turn over ….反过来、仔细思考,深思。


get on with 继续做某事;


put up with容忍,忍受;

Keep up with 跟上, 不落后;

Go on with继续做某事;

come up with 提出。


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